Note-Taking Workshop Takeaways

In my last post, I blogged about a Note-Taking workshop I created for my Algebra II students, based off a podcast episode from Jennifer Gonzales at the Cult of Pedagogy. On day 2 of the workshop, I asked for some student feedback and wanted to compare students’ pre-existing note-taking habits in math class to see if there was any correlation between that and their current grades. The survey they took is based off the one developed by UMASS.

Each response was given a point value; 0 being “Never” and 5 being “Aways.” Students average scores were taken across each of the desirable strategies listed above and compared to their overall grades. Here were the results:

GradeAverage Score
D or Below (0 – 69%)1.94
C (70-79%) 2.10
B (80 – 89%)2.28
A (90 – 100%)2.39
Data was collected for 59 students in Algebra II, however, 3 data sets were unusable due to non-sensical responses to self-reported grade.

Granted, this is not a statistically rigorous collection of data, with no control group or analysis of statistical significance, however, preliminary results do indicate that note-taking would appear to be correlated to student performance in math class!

Written Feedback from Students

  • I felt like going over note-taking actually helped me relax some from the stress of studying for the exams. Instead of studying math the entire week, I get a chance to better my note taking skills which is also helping me redo my notes for the exams.
  • I learned how to pull out the most important details and add that to my notes. I also learned about Cornell notes which I’ll definitely be using to study for my exams 🙂
  • I realized that I am a very visual learner, using analogies that can be connected with each other to seal them onto my brain.
  • Honestly it was a good experience but I think because we have an exam next week it would have been better to focus on review
  • It was wonderful, I was able to demonstrate my note-taking skills with the Sketch-Note technique and the Cornell Notes
  • Probably should’ve studied for the mid-term instead of this workshop. yet it was still helpful.
  • Maybe had us do practice of the math concepts that will be on the exam.
  • I really enjoy the sketch notes station.
  • It was fun and interesting to do.
  • It was a good experience.
  • It was very helpful.