Taking some time to hike through the Autumn scenery in Sockcho, South Korea.

As we near the end of October, we are finally starting to get a semblance of the Fall weather one would expect back home in Canada here in Seoul. As the leaves begin to fall, so too do my spirits in dreaded anticipation of the dark winter days ahead…  I still spend long hours at my keyboard typing away and planning each day’s lessons in detail. So many thoughts run through my mind I’m surprised I get any productive work done at all.

Slowly, I have begun to settle into a routine of work, eat, plan, sleep, repeat. Little perturbations in this routine are often accompanied by feelings of guilt. I know in my mind that there will undoubtedly be many mistakes in my teaching and yet I still find myself trying to avoid them all. Slowly, I’ve let myself forget what it’s like to spend an hour each day exercising and working on my health, or letting my mind just wander.  

How will I ever learn to enjoy the moment when I’m always thinking of the future? 

I’ve decided to start small. Today, I have dedicated some time to write in my blog. Tomorrow, I will make time to exercise in the morning. This week, I’m going to dedicate an hour each day doing something solely for me and recharge. This girl needs some #solitude.

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