Adventures in Kazakhstan – Day 1

I’m so grateful to have the support of my school and colleagues for my transition from Canada to Kazakhstan. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was met by a school representative and driver at the Almaty airport who accompanied me on the trip to Taldykorgan. Then, when we arrived at my new apartment in Taldykorgan, I was met by a VP (one who deals with the international teachers at the school) and a friend of mine who also works at the school. They helped me move my belongings into my new apartment, and later that day, two of my colleagues took me on a basic tour of the town.  

My New Apartment
As someone who has been living the student life too long to have high expectations, the apartment I have been assigned is more than I could have asked for. While the decorations are a bit on the lavish side, I definitely have more space than I need! My apartment came fully furnished with a kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, and spare room. In addition, I have  a few updated appliances including a plus size fridge and a new washer.  I was also left with some some kitchenware (likely from the previous owner), and given new bedding and bath towels to help get me started. The VP also bought me some food items like bread, yogurt, water so I wouldn’t have to starve on my first day.

A Festival
What a treat on my first day! We managed to run into a festival/celebration (of what, I’m still not sure) in the streets across from my place. There were tents of cultural displays, people playing music, and someone even brought in their pet eagle! 

The School
About a 10 minute walk from my apartment, the school is large and spacious with a swimming pool (the only school with one in my city), tennis courts, a gymnasium, auditorium, library, canteen. . . you name it. The hallways are also incredibly spacious, contrasted to the narrow ones I’m used to at the public schools in Ontario. There are many pictures and statues of the President Nazarbayev throughout the school.

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  1. Congratulations April! This sounds like an wonderful opportunity for you. They are very lucky to get such an amazing young Teacher!



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