Puzzle Pieces


We used this grouping strategy for our workshop on light and optics.

Method: Print out pictures of objects or scenery related to the unit students are learning. Cut the pictures up into the number of pieces that correspond to the number of groupings you wish to have. Include the photo of the completed puzzle on the tables ahead of time so students will know where to sit once they have identified their group members.

Other ways this can be used in the classroom: Instead of putting the picture of the completed puzzle on the tables, you can instead put the name of the object. This can be useful in the beginning of the unit as as a diagnostic for determining what students already know. For instance, at the start of the electricity unit, I may have distribute puzzle pieces that correspond to pictures of alligator clips, voltmeters, copper wires…etc. to the students, place the corresponding terms on the table groups. Right away, students will be able to learn what the different components of a circuit looks like before even building one. You may also adapt this method by giving students complete pictures of items that relate to the terms on the tables (ex. for “circulatory system” distribute pictures of red blood cells, the heart, platelets…etc. to the students) and form groups that way. The possibilities are endless!

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