Newspaper Structure

Objective: In 10 minutes, build the tallest newspaper structure possible using the materials given. 

Materials Needed:
1. Two sheets of newspaper
2. One metre of masking tape
3. Scissors 

How this can be used in the classroom: For activities like this one, some teachers will argue that there is no time to engage students in these types of activities because there is often no explicit link to curriculum content. Of course, others are more creative and can find ways to use team building exercises such as this one as analogies for concepts to be learned in class. I argue that there is inherent value to these exercise themselves. When teachers teach only subject matter, we fall into what Paulo Freire calls “the banking model of education,” in which we treat student minds as empty containers which to deposit information. However, when teachers shift their focus to teaching students, we acknowledge them as individuals that need to be taught essential skills such as teamwork, cooperation, communication, and problem solving. 


Keith and Liz marveling at our structure. It reached all the way to the ceiling!

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