Cue Cards

Pick a card, any card! For this grouping method, all you need are cue cards. 

How this can be used in the classroom: This method provides an easy way to mix up the group pairings for a collaborative project or assignment. Works especially well if students tend to clump in certain geographical areas of the classroom. 



1. You will need one cue card for every grouping. Start by writing out the topics for the group work/assignment on the cue cards.


2. Number the cards according to how many students you want in each group, leaving space for students to write their names. For instance, if you want groups of three, write down the numbers 1-3 on each card.


3. Go around the classroom, with the cards face down, and have students in each table pick a card at random, and write down their name in an empty slot on the card. Proceed until every student has been assigned a group.


Voila! You are done!

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