Backwards Stickies

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How this can be used in the classroom: This method of grouping is ideal for group projects require students to work collaboratively on a topic of their choice. This is a semi-anonymous grouping strategy to ensure that students are all working on a topic they enjoy with classmates that are also interested in the topic instead of always working in the same groups. 


  1. Give each student one sticky note. 
  2. Instruct students to record their name in pencil on the sticky side of the note.
  3. Preface this activity by letting students know that they will be working in groups for the upcoming assignment. Instead of assigning groups, you will ask them to place their sticky (names facing down) on the paper that has the topic of their choice. Assure students that this is only temporary and that it will be beneficial to work with others in the class. 
  4. Silently, ask students to get out of their seats and place their stickies (names down) on the paper that has the topic of their choice. If you have a size limit for the groups, indicate that once a group is full, they must choose a different topic. Assign a “lottery” area for students that do not have a preference or are flexible as to what topic they would like to work on. You can use students in the “lottery” group to fill groups that are missing people. 

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