Meditation Bowl

I’m currently taking an “Intro to Teaching Biology” class at the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University and already I’m picking up lots of useful tips and hints for teaching in the classroom. My favourite tidbit this week is the meditation bowl as a way to signal to the class that you are ready to begin. It’s a quick and effective strategy that doesn’t involve any yelling or awkward hand gestures, just you and the bowl. As an added bonus, it makes a very soothing and relaxing sound when it is struck.

This strategy has worked very well in our classroom of 30 so far, and my teacher (Cathy) said that the reason she began to use the meditation bowl was because she was able to witness it’s effectiveness at a conference of 300!

Our class is able to engage in more frequent small group discussions and breaks because of how effectively we can all be called back to attention as a result of this bowl. If you know any other strategies for calling a class to attention, please share them in the comments below.


(Left) From (Right) After seeing how well this works, I just HAD to get one of my own!

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