Hi, I’m April Soo

Originally from Ontario, Canada, I began my teaching career in 2015 as a high school mathematics teacher in Kazakhstan.

I started my first blog in 2014 as a way to document my teaching journey, but a lot has changed since then. I’ve worked in South Korea, China, Qatar, and am currently in Thailand. In this space you’ll find my furiously left-brained, uniquely Chinese-Canadian, wanna-be-right-brained musings on life, learning, and mathematics.

I am still learning, and if you’re interested in learning together I’d love to connect with you. Feel free to  sign up for new posts in your inbox.

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Seat Finders

One of my favourite math routines are seat finders. I use these right from day one, which gets students thinking and doing math before they even step foot into the classroom. They are low-prep, and easy to implement. The routine works as follows: Greet students at the door and hand them a playing card. They…

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Ideas for Building a Community of Learners in Virtual School

Check-In Prompt of the Day How I Use This: I like to begin my first few lessons with a check-in prompt that students respond to in an editable Google Slides document. The prompts vary from general getting-to-know you questions, would-you-rather questions, or may review content from the previous day/week/month…etc. I copy and paste my class…

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Lollipop Moments

I knew I wanted to become a Teach the moment I saw them: mystical beings dipped in silver and draped in white; creatures from ancient Greek folklore. They came in a massive wave, surrounding the herd of frosh as we nervously huddled together along the steps of Victoria Hall. Apprehensive and shy, the energy we…

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Photo by Tim Mossholder