Hi, I’m April Soo

Teaching and learning are two things in life I believe are worth doing well. I believe that learning is a lifelong process and that education changes lives. In this space you’ll find my musings on life, learning, and the pursuit of good teaching.

I’m Chinese, born Canadian; egregiously left-brained; and unapologetically bad at mental math for someone who teaches math. My adventures living and working abroad have taken me to Kazakhstan, Korea, China and Qatar. I currently live in Bangkok Thailand, where I teach high schoolers by day, and am in bed no later than 9 pm by night (life is glamorous when you recognize the sanctity of sleep). If that all sounds acceptable to you, I invite you to read on.

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Less is More

I have way too much stuff. And, like most people, I continue to accumulate more of it. The other day I found myself at a local Italian market in the small town of San Giovanni, where a charming, middle-aged vendor charismatically overtook a crowd of Italian women. He knew his target well. These were women…

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Grandpa and I

The first time I got a wobbly tooth, my grandfather, with the precision of a surgeon and theatrics of a showman, carefully wrapped thread around it, tied it up in a neat little bow, counted down from three… and yanked as hard as he could at “TWO.”  We avoided a lot of trips to the…

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Language Learning, Part 2: The Process

Part 1 here. Starting point: Absolute beginner. My decision to study Italian started in earnest on January 9, 2022 when I stumbled across a three-part YouTube series by Nathaniel Drew who set out to learn Italian in one week. Granted, one week is not a realistic timeline for me given my goal and starting point,…

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Photo by Tim Mossholder